How Power Post started:

I was studying for a degree in Environmental Science when I realized  the prognosis for entry-level environmental jobs in today’s political atmosphere seemed very....  grim.  In fact, everything seemed very grim.  I felt like I needed to write a million postcards about a million issues to a million leaders and a million companies.  But every time I sat down to start, I could never find a working pen or I had to pick up the kids from school or I wasn’t sure where to buy postcards or I had no idea what to cook for dinner or I had a big project due or.... or... or...  You get the idea. 

What I really wanted was someone to just bring me all the stuff so I could get to work on helping the environment.  Because time is running out.  I know I'm not the only one who feels this way.  Right?  That's the purpose of Power Post: automatic environmental activism.  I want to make it simple for us to make our voices heard.  Who's in?