How often will I get this box?

We have subscription plans for 1, 3, 6 and 12 months.  Orders for the next month must be made before the last day of the current month.  Boxes are shipped on the 9th.  

What's in the box?

Postcards, stamps, pens, pencils,  information about a specific environmental issue, including talking points, links, addresses and other ways to help.  Plus, each month we include a few samples of green products that help you reduce waste and your own carbon footprint.

Are there different sizes?

Currently we're offering a box with 10 stamps and postcards, writing supplies, and green goodies. It's perfect for a family or a few friends. We also offer a packet without the green goodies, if you just want to get to work.  Oh, if you want extra cards, just shoot us a quick email.  

What if I don't like my campaign one month?

That's okay.  We don't have to agree on everything.  (Of course it's always good to read the research on all sides of the issue).  If you're not feeling the mission, just enjoy your goodies and use your extra postcards for a past or future campaign that really speaks to you.  Bonus: you'll have enough cards to make it a party.